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Embark on a Fantastical Voyage at Aya Universe Dubai: Secure Your Passes to a Spectacle of Splendor

Eager to uncover a trove of exhilarating escapades in Dubai? Cease your quest and beeline to Aya Universe Dubai. This avant-garde theme park fuses art and technology in an extraordinary manner. Featuring 12 distinct realms, each harnessing mirrors, acoustics, and luminescence, it crafts unforgettable experiences. These realms, inspired by travel motifs, transport you to an otherworldly dimension through their avant-garde tech.

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Spanning an impressive 40,000 square feet, this colossal complex promises a celestial adventure using art and technology. Ideal for a rejuvenating weekend retreat, it ushers you into a mystical universe brimming with awe and delight. Delve into our Aya Universe Dubai ticket offerings and commence a journey filled with innovation and amusement. Ticket prices commence at AED99 for digital purchasers and AED 125 for in-person buyers.

Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 10.00 AM – 10.00 PM

Friday to Saturday: 10.00 AM – 12.00 AM

Locale: Level One, Main Atrium, Wafi City Mall

Adult Admission: 120/- AED per individual

Child Admission (03-10 Years): 120/- AED per individual

Voyage Itinerary
AYA Universe Tickets 2023 – Light & Sound Spectacles
Encompassing 40,000 square feet, Dubai’s Aya Universe is a pioneering park of mirth, nestled in Wafi Mall. Hyperspace, a leader in experiential parks, conjured this unparalleled realm. Aya boasts twelve unique sports zones, each vying in distinctiveness, transporting you to varied cosmic realms. Its zones include the Source, Aurora, Drift, Pool, Falls, River, Outland, Flora, Celestia, Luna, Tides, and Harmonia.

Aurora, with gesture control, crafts vivid artistry, while Source, a mystique chamber, flaunts luminous LED pools for an entrancing six minutes. Drift offers a verdant scape, and Pool embarks you on a fluvial journey. River, with its light- and color-reactive footsteps, simulates tempests and pools. Outland introduces new Aya Universe personas, amidst a bioluminescent floral promenade. Tides, encircled by mirrors and adorned with LED totems and a central monolith, and Harmonia, with its tri-minute automated light show in a mirrored infinity space, complete the experience.

Aya, a futuristic light and sound park, captivates visitors of all ages with its unique sensory milieu, blending technology and art.

Highlights of Aya Universe Dubai

Experience the twelve interactive zones of Aya, a trailblazing entertainment park in Dubai.
Traverse through Tides, Aurora, River, and other zones for an unparalleled parallel universe experience.
Each universe chamber merges art and technology for an immersive experience.
Roam, dream, and play, witnessing the stars, strolling through gardens, and creating river-like pools with each step.
Each zone offers a light and sound spectacle, with lights synchronizing to background melodies.
Discover and interact with new characters and avatars across the chambers.
Details of Aya’s Light and Sound Spectacle

Every Aya exhibit captivates the mind and senses. Its interactive displays provide a celestial experience. The highlight, the Galaxy Light Show, whisks you to distant galaxies with projections and music, creating a vibrant and lively ambiance. The Rainbow Light Show, with its visual feast, is particularly appealing to the younger audience.

Exploring Aya’s Diverse Zones


In this 230-square-foot space, gesture-controlled artistry creates a novel sensory experience, with rainbow hues dancing amidst starlight.

The Source

The initial 3,250-square-foot Aya experience features touch-responsive domes and digital pools, culminating in a six-minute touch-reactive display, transporting you to cosmic realms.


A 2,000-square-foot expanse allows you to immerse in the Aya Cosmos, feeling weightless amidst lush landscapes and serene music.


Meet new Aya Universe characters, brought to life through your movement in this interactive space, utilizing skeletal tracking and projection mapping.


Journey through rivers with projections in the Pool zone, featuring an infinity vortex captivating the senses.

The River

A 2,000-square-foot area where LED lights and sensors create dynamic storms and pools, bringing a river to life.

The Falls

Experience an audio-responsive waterfall that flows in harmony with gravity’s laws.


Interactive light beams in this zone activate cosmic displays, offering a multi-chapter light show with spatial interaction.


A bioluminescent garden where creatures respond to your movements, altering their behavior in a fictional ecosystem.


A mirrored space with LED totems and a monolith, narrating stories through four distinct chapters.


A three-minute robotic spectacle that transcends worldly experiences.

Dining and Shopping at Aya

Aya boasts exquisite dining and shopping, alongside world-class exhibitions. Indulge in global delicacies at food stalls, catering to all budgets. The retail options range from souvenirs to fashion, with occasional pop-up stores and events for guest amusement.

Aya Universe is an essential Dubai destination, offering something for everyone, from tech enthusiasts to music aficionados, ensuring a mesmerizing experience.

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