Musandam Khasab Zipline from Dubai

Embrace the thrill of adventure with the newly launched Musandam Khasab Zipline, now bookable through plentyholidays. This exciting initiative by the OMRAN Group, a pioneer in Oman’s tourism sector, heralds a new era of adventure tourism. Set in the stunning backdrop of Musandam dhow tours in Khasab, within the Governorate, this project is a crown jewel in Oman’s tourism strategy, offering visitors a unique and exhilarating experience. As the first undertaking of the Oman development center, it plays a pivotal role in the comprehensive development plan of the region. The Omani government’s vision to broaden its tourism landscape incorporates various services and products, with the Khasab Zipline poised to showcase the nation’s latent touristic potential.

Before we delve into the specifics of the Zipline, it’s worthwhile to explore Musandam Khasab, particularly beneficial for first-time visitors.

Excursion Itinerary Musandam Khasab Adventure with Zipline from Dubai through plentyholidays Reservations for the Musandam Zipline Tour from Dubai are now open through plentyholidays. Options include purchasing just the zipline ticket or booking a full-day Musandam Khasab tour that includes the Zipline experience.

In Oman’s Musandam Governorate, separated from the rest of the country by the United Arab Emirates, lies the city of Khasab. Famed for its captivating natural beauty, Khasab is surrounded by rugged mountains, untouched beaches, and crystal-clear waters. The city also serves as a gateway to the region’s rich historical and cultural legacy, with attractions like Khasab Castle and Fort.

Oman’s Enigmatic Destination – Musandam Khasab Often likened to the ‘Norway of Arabia,’ Musandam Khasab is a dream destination for travelers, replete with imposing mountains and lush seas. It is also celebrated for its historical forts, quaint coastal villages, diverse marine life, and unique culture. Musandam’s connectivity to the outside world is relatively recent, leaving much of its splendor unexplored. For those weary of urban chaos, Musandam offers a serene escape, with breathtaking views and a peaceful ambience. Khasab, the capital of the Musandam province, remains relatively undiscovered due to its remote location. Yet, its charm is irresistible, offering everything one desires in a vacation. The local economy is buoyed by trade, with ports being a major attraction. Khasab is one of the few places where ancient Bedouin traditions are still visible.

Reaching Khasab The journey from Dubai to Khasab can be undertaken by road, a scenic route featuring mosques, bays, harbors, beaches, and forts. The distance is roughly 200 km, and at the Oman border, a visa, costing about 50 AED, is required. If traveling as part of a tour package through plentyholidays, the visa process is streamlined. Khasab presents an ideal escape to immerse oneself in the splendor of nature.

The Essence of Khasab Zipline The inauguration of the Khasab Zipline by the Omani government adds a new dimension to Khasab’s appeal. Ziplines, initially designed for transportation, have evolved into tools for scientific research and symbols of eco-tourism. They offer an unparalleled opportunity to experience nature with minimal environmental impact.

Introducing the Khasab Zipline Commenced in December 2021 by the Omran group, this 1800-meter dual zipline project traverses the stunning landscapes of Khor Qadi and the Mokhi area along the Khasab coast. Its endpoint connects to the Atana Khasab hotel, featuring a visitor center with various facilities. The Zipline’s prime location offers an exceptional view of the Strait of Hormuz, drawing tourists worldwide. This project exemplifies collaboration between the Governor of Musandam, the Minister of State, and the Omran group. It is a foundational element of Oman’s developmental plans, aiming for completion by 2040.

Your Khasab Zipline Experience The prestigious Khasab Zipline, a highlight of Oman’s tourism, is now accessible to the public. Knowledge of operational timings and fees is vital for a smooth visit. The Zipline is available daily from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm, including on official holidays. The cost varies depending on whether you choose a single or double line. The journey to the top takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour, with the gathering point at the Khasab/Musandam Dhow Tours office.

When the daily grind becomes overwhelming, consider a retreat to Musandam Khasab, now easily bookable through plentyholidays. The region’s balmy waters and gentle breezes promise a unique, rejuvenating experience. Just a short distance from Dubai, Khasab is an ideal spot for revitalization. The introduction of the Khasab Zipline offers even more reasons to explore this magnificent destination. So, pack your bags and prepare for an adventure-filled journey.

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